Houdart A&C’s clients in the medical sector include medical and orthopaedic equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Sector characteristics

Actors in the medical industry face the following key challenges: cost pressure due to competition and sales of generic drugs, demands from health authorities, research and development costs, intellectual property and access to capital.

Our expertise at the service of your challenges

Our team of chartered accountants set up efficient internal control systems and bespoke tools in order to produce reliable data and closely examine margins on individual products and segments.

Investing in robotisation, innovation and research & development requires significant financial resources. In certain cases, however, you may be eligible for tax credits for expenses incurred. Our team will help to determine your company’s eligibility and base for calculating tax credit amounts.

If your company is a subsidiary of a foreign group or managed by a venture capital company, Houdart A&C ensures periodic reporting for your investors.

In terms of social issues, the Houdart A&C teams are well acquainted with the collective bargaining agreements that apply to medical sector activities.

If you decide to make any acquisitions as your company grows, you can count on our experts to conduct appropriate due diligence prior to key decisions.

Our team of chartered accountants offers personalised services that go beyond standard accounting and accounting audit tasks. We anticipate your needs, keep you updated on social and taxation regulations, and recommend and implement effective solutions.

As statutory auditors, we abide by high professional standards and establish client relationships based on trust and on the firm’s partners’ personal involvement.