In the current context of ever-changing legislation and legal precedents, our partners and team members provide technical expertise, and reliable and high-quality social and human resource management services in order to help our clients focus on what they do best: running and growing their businesses.

Social management involves complex and multifaceted issues, and may lead to dire financial consequences in the event of non-compliance vis-à-vis social security collection agencies, in the event of administrative receivership, or in the context of relations between the company director and employees in the event of a dispute.

Houdart A&C partners and team members ensure continuous business and legislative intelligence in order to provide high-quality and day-to-day social management services. Beyond producing payslips and social security declarations, our services aim to generate genuine added value for business owners.

In addition, we also perform social audits on an ad hoc basis for companies with which we do not have regular contracts, sometimes on the behalf of other accounting firms.

Flexible and responsive service for everyday social management

Houdart A&C’s expertise in social issues means that you receive services tailored to your specific business activity and company size. Our day-to-day services include the following:

  • Drafting work contracts;
  • Filing hiring statements (déclaration unique à l’embauche, DUE);
  • Assistance in drafting job descriptions;
  • Generating and monitoring of payslips;
  • Filing social security declarations with social welfare bodies;
  • Monitoring paid holiday and employee leave;
  • Salary payment using EBICS XML files;
  • Assistance if you are being audited by collection agencies.

We ensure compliance with legislative and contractual provisions, and any additional company agreements with regard to your business activity and circumstances. We work with you to set up high-quality and efficient procedures for sending payroll variables and other elements, in order to best serve your business needs.

We inform you if we come across any irregularities regarding your personnel management processes and set forth options to leverage employer social security contributions.

Hiring, workplace accidents, sick leave and redundancies are a few key elements of business payroll. Houdart A&C provides advice and expertise on such matters in order to safeguard the liability of business owners.

Service tailored to your specific organisation and business activity

We go beyond simple day-to-day operations and ensure that your social management processes comply with your specific industry-wide and company-wide agreements, and the French Labour Code.

Houdart A&C accountants can also make sure that you have correctly filed and applied all insurance contracts, whether they are required by a collective bargaining agreement, chosen unilaterally by the employer, or involve specific employee saving schemes, and how to treat them on payslips.

Our staff will help you to weigh your options in order to select the most suitable employee saving schemes.

Unwavering availability no matter the size of your business

All Houdart A&C partners and firm members, including those in charge of your daily social management operations, have considerable in-depth technical knowledge that is always up to date.

Available on a daily basis, we are committed to tackling unforeseen events that affect your workforce, such as workplace accidents, sick leave or legal disputes.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and are readily at hand to efficiently and securely take you through your business’ different stages of growth, which may require reporting major holding declarations and additional social requirements, and to address technical matters regarding provisional employee assignments or expatriation.

If your company is going through a tough time, we will stand by you in order to make much-needed decisions: company restructuring, individual or collective redundancy, temporary furlough, and more.