An audit does not just review company or organisation financials. It performs a comprehensive analysis of the company’s business environment, its procedures and its internal audit practices. Combined with the unwavering commitment of our partners, our structured and constructive approach allows us to successfully conduct client audits that are founded upon trust. At the same time, Houdart A&C’s audits fully comply with professional standards and codes of ethics.

During its audits, Houdart A&C showcases the technical skills of its experts, and its partners’ unwavering commitment. Legal audits are structured by the law, which sets forth the conditions for appointing statutory auditors and their practice.

Statutory auditors are most often tasked with certifying accounts. Nevertheless, their assignment may focus on additional services that are related to financial reporting.

Statutory auditors also play a very specific role during transactions related to a company’s capital, mergers and changes in company legal form.

Our expertise also includes conducting contractual audits. At Houdart A&C, we will work closely with you to jointly determine the exact content and structure based on your needs.

Certification audits of annual statutory and consolidated accounts

This task is part of our legal audit. Its purpose is to provide an opinion on the consistency and reliability of the financial information available to all of the company’s stakeholders.

At Houdart A&C, we believe that each of our statutory auditor appointments is a token of confidence in the quality of our services and our flawless professional ethics.

We conduct our audits in strict compliance with ethical standards and legal requirements regarding independence and any conflicts of interest. By leveraging the technical expertise of our teams and partners, we adopt a rigorous auditing approach. Each and every team member and partner is involved in the process and are the main point of contact for our clients. Our audit approach is based on:

  • a risk-based approach focused on the fundamentals,
  • sector-specialised knowledge,
  • analysis of your internal audit structure,
  • comprehensive understanding of financial flows and complex accounting treatments,
  • seamless communication with company contacts.

We use specialised audit software that analyses accounting flows.

Additional services

As appointed statutory auditors, we are entrusted with tasks other than certifying accounts. Such tasks are aimed at issuing a report that delivers on specific requirements. Thanks to our approach and our knowledge of your entity, we are well poised to complete these assignments, which include:

  • Partial audit/review: opinion on your company’s accounting and financial reporting;
  • Certificates: conclusions on consistency and compliance of your company’s financial and accounting information;
  • Internal audit: opinions and recommendations on your internal audit process and its execution;
  • Consultations: technical opinions on an accounting treatment or financial reporting;
  • Due diligence: services related to entity acquisitions or sales and obtaining financials to value a target.

Lastly, the services of a statutory auditor may be required for specific events, such as:

  • capital increases with waived preferential subscription rights;
  • freeing up capital by offsetting receivable;
  • interim dividends;
  • issue of bond securities giving access to equity.

Contribution auditing

When a company is incorporated or its capital is increased by a contribution in kind, the value of the contributions must be assessed by an independent expert to ensure that partners remain on equal footing.

The main task of contribution auditors is to assess:

  • the value of the contributions to make sure that they are not overvalued and that said value corresponds to the nominal value of the shares to be issued, at the very least;
  • any special benefits that may be specified during transactions.

The role of contribution auditors is structured by standards that define the type of due diligence to be conducted, the type of report to be issued and the deadlines to be met.

Houdart A&C boasts the required skill set and rigorous methodology to accomplish such tasks.

Merger auditing

Merger auditors are responsible for approving the legalities of a merger. They ensure that the exchange ratio between the companies in question is fair, so that no shareholder or partner is adversely affected, particularly minority shareholders. Merger auditors also ensure that the rights of present and future shareholders or partners are respected throughout the transaction.

The role of merger auditors is structured by standards that define the type of due diligence to be conducted, the type of report to be issued and the deadlines to be met.

Houdart A&C harnesses a tailored approach to determine the relevance of assessment criteria and incorporate specific factors related to the entities impacted by the transaction.

Conversion auditing

If you are converting the legal form of your company to a joint-stock company, a conversion auditor must assess the value of the assets that constitute corporate assets in addition to special benefits. Care must be taken to ensure that corporate assets are not overvalued.

Conversion auditors must certify that the shareholders’ equity is at least equal to the value of the share capital. Where necessary, they will seek to determine the grant of special benefits.

The role of conversion auditors is structured by standards that define the type of due diligence to be conducted, the type of report to be issued and the deadlines to be met.

At Houdart A&C, we have the organisational and technical capabilities to work to tight deadlines for conversion projects. We are in a position to work on your conversion operations at the unanimous request of your partners or at the French Court’s request.

Contractual audits

Contractual audit assignments involve assessments and appraisals and can focus on your company’s financial reporting and processes. We will work closely with you to determine the exact content and terms of the assignment together.

Although these kinds of assignments are not required by law, we conduct them independently, in compliance with professional auditing standards and the profession’s code of ethics.

Houdart A&C provides your company with high value-added services in the following fields:

  • Business valuation for your acquisitions and restructuring operations,
  • Analysis of your internal audit process and its execution,
  • Asset and liability valuation for a targeted acquisition or sale,
  • Specific risk assessment,
  • and more.