Sector characteristics

The renewable energy sector is driven by public authorities with fluctuating enthusiasm depending on the period. Due to growing environmental concerns and the development of new technologies, the industry has attained a certain maturity. The share of renewables in the energy mix is poised for significant growth.

Due to a complex regulatory environment and sector-specific business models, renewable energy actors face major challenges beyond simple economic fluctuations:

  • Financing the development of power plants;
  • Taking advantage of opportunities for new projects;
  • Product and production process innovation;
  • Continual improvement of power plant efficiency to win calls for tender that will provide pluriannual investments.

Our expertise at the service of your challenges

Houdart A&C provides assistance for legal and regulatory processes that are required to set up renewable energy power plants (solar, wind or biomass).

Our team members have extensive experience in common tax issues specific to the renewable energy sector, whether pertaining to setting complex funding organisations – under-capitalisation, capping of deductible financial expenses, tax consolidation, specific local taxes on network companies (imposition forfaitaire des entreprises de réseaux, IFER), reverse charges on VAT – or accounting – booking of interest during plant construction or during refinancing, processing dismantling costs, and more.

When hired for our chartered accountancy services, we manage accounting, legal issues and taxation requirements for ad hoc structures and holding companies at every stage of the project. We also manage relationships with French and foreign investors and statutory auditors, and produce periodic account reports.

When hired as statutory auditors, our sector-specific expertise ensures we deliver high-quality, technical services.