Tailored client services

Houdart A&C currently works with a wide range of clients with diverse business needs: SMEs in the industrial and service sectors, sole traders, subsidiaries of foreign groups, regulated professions, start-ups, energy producers and art industry players.

Our structured and thorough approach ensures high-quality technical service, and sound, trustworthy business relationships, regardless of client size, business sector or assignment.

Catering mainly to VSEs and SMEs across all business sectors, we strive first and foremost to provide our clients with long-lasting and steadfast support, and to gain and live up to their trust.

Our technically skilled partners and team members provide a wide range of comprehensive services.

Our tailored approach means that every client works with a dedicated contact person who manages their accounting and social matters. Our versatile team members will always respond in a timely manner to your queries.

Continuous upskilling and knowledge enhancement are key to expertly address our clients’ continually evolving economic, tax and social context.

Finally, the unwavering involvement and availability of our partners are pivotal to addressing our clients’ technical questions and various challenges.

A structured approach & Corporate values

  • Tailored to each clients and their business activity
  • Thorough and consistent with professional standards
  • Personnal involvement and technical expertise
  • Continuous knowledge enhancement and anticipation of regulatory changes
  • Versatile and responsible employees and project managers
  • Responsive and reliable partner network (lawyers, banks, notaries)
Good listeningskills Availability andresponsiveness Relationshipsbuilt on trust Criticalthinking Long-lastingsupport Involvement andthoroughness

Our resources


Houdart A&C is regularly on the lookout for young talent to grow its ranks. Educational background is important. Even more so is working with proactive and motivated individuals who will commit to our clients, and who are eager to take on responsibilities and adopt an approach for continuous technical improvement.

IT systems

We use industry-specific software that is suited to our various services. Our IT architecture, furthermore, ensures client data security. Although our firm readily integrates sector-specific, cutting-edge digital tools, we are well aware of and uphold the belief that such tools should never undermine the strong relationship between business owners and their chartered accountants.


We publish newsletters pertaining to tax and business developments and specific changes that affect our clients’ business sectors. As a result of close client relationships, we are able to anticipate business issues and set forth sustainable solutions.


Our tools are technically ambitious, whether in accounting production or social management. They are collaborative, you can access to them at any time from any device and you can be granted rights to work on them. They are connected by API to the main current management software programs. Our company actively participates in the development of our own digital needs


Houdart A&C invests significantly to provide its team members with comprehensive academic literature pertaining to the economic, accounting, social and tax aspects of our clients’ businesses.