The phases of company creation, development, changes in articles of association, mergers and annual decisions require legal documents that must comply with the company’s established legal framework. The latter governs the form and content of such documents. Our accounting clients can count on us to provide them with legal certainty for the drafting of these documents that mark company milestones.

Our corporate housekeeping assignments concern company incorporation, all ordinary decisions and extraordinary decisions relating to amendments to the articles of association or restructuring.

Company incorporation

When setting up a business, the choices you make will have legal, tax and social consequences. We not only review your company’s economic feasibility and study your project’s financials, but we also advise on choosing the most appropriate legal form. In doing so, we draw up incorporation documents and carry out related formalities. Depending on your personal situation, the choice of potential partners, your preference in terms of legal form and the nature of your project, we will help you determine the statutory clauses that will best protect the interests of your company and partners.

General corporate housekeeping

Each year, your company’s partners must approve annual accounts and may also need to file them with the Registry of the Commercial Court. Houdart A&C can help you organise and run the annual general meeting; we take care of drafting all the legal documents, filing accounts and all related formalities.

When preparing the minutes of a meeting during which the partners decided to pay out dividends, we conduct all formalities, from legal document drafting to tax returns for withholding tax and social security contributions as well as the annual single tax return form (imprimé fiscal unique, IFU).

Extraordinary legal documents

A company has many milestones that involve changing its legal framework. These include: changes in legal form, leadership, head office, capital increases, early dissolution, etc. We help you make the right decisions based on your situation and assist you in the drafting of all legal documentation and related formalities.

Legal support for company transfer and restructuring

Planning to sell your shares or goodwill? At Houdart A&C, we conduct a financial valuation, and help you to lay out key milestones and required resources. Our review also factors in any prior restructuring. We will assist you to draft the deeds of sale and advise you on what to do after the sale.
Considering a merger, partial asset contribution or demerger? Houdart A&C will review the terms and conditions before completing the transaction.
Lastly, in the context of a change to a family-owned group’s shareholding structure, we will actively seek a solution that optimises the transfer.