Looking to start or take over a business? Houdart A&C’s aims to give you everything you need to set up a successful business venture, including help with business plans, choosing a legal form, legal and financial framework, funding, accountancy and administrative organisation.

Starting or taking over a business, goodwill, or company shares is a decision that affects both your professional and personal life.

Houdart A&C is well aware of the commitment that such an initiative requires, and is acutely attuned to the economic realities of the business world and the issues that entrepreneurs face. We strive to assist you every step of the way in order for your project to be a success.

Our experience, our teams’ keen observational and analytical skills, and our partners’ personal involvement will provide you with an informed perspective and help you to make the best decisions for your future business.

We provide information on taxation schemes that may benefit you, such as France’s Young Startup (jeune entreprise innovante, JEI) status, and draft legal frameworks that will ensure optimal financial, social and taxation conditions when acquiring corporate assets or shares.

Evaluating your business idea

Properly analysing your target audience is a means to validate the feasibility of your project, and to create revenue projections for your future business. We will sit down with you to examine your project’s strong points and areas that require improvement, and give you a professional and unbiased opinion regarding its worth and potential.

Drafting financial forecasts

We work closely with our clients to draft income and cashflow forecasts in accordance with their business sectors. These elements are key to ensuring the profitability of a new or existing business, to minimise uncertainty, and to determine the project’s viability and funding needs. We additionally determine the finance structure that is best suited to your needs and constraints.

Support for fundraising

Knowing how and what kind of funding to seek is contingent on previously created forecasts. When presenting your business plan to financial partners, we help you to negotiate and obtain optimal financial deals.

Deciding on a legal form

A business’ legal form is crucial since it will determine the relationship between possible business partners, the mandatory or optional taxation regimes that apply and the administrative registration procedures to launch the business. Our staff will advise on the proper legal, taxation and social structure to choose according to your specific situation, project and constraints.

Establishing a legal and financial framework

In the event of a business takeover, our goal is to establish a framework that will optimise the business’ financial, social and taxation aspects. We take into consideration constraints related to potential finance guarantees, projections for capital and economic growth, and specific business sector requirements.

We examine your eligibility for beneficial tax schemes, such as the French Young Startup (jeune entreprise innovante, JEI) status and tax credits that apply to specific business sectors such as French Research Tax Credit (crédit d’impôt recherche, CIR) and French Innovation Tax Credit (crédit d’impôt innovation, CII).

Incorporation formalities

Our firm handles all the legal and tax registration formalities required to launch your business.

Managing accountancy, social, legal and administrative matters

Effectively organising and delegating these tasks is crucial in order to focus on developing your business. We will help you to set up organisational methods that are best suited to your situation and that meet your expectations.

Together, we can decide on the most appropriate bespoke services to provide: accounting and administrative management, social and human resources, corporate taxation and corporate housekeeping.

Management tools

Do you want dashboards to provide pertinent information? Do your investors require periodic financial reports? We can help you to set up effective management tools according to your needs.