Digital platform for enhanced accounting

Synchronization of your flows, API connection of your management tools and artificial intelligence to speed up your accounting and use all the data it contains

Houdart A&C has participated in the 4th capital raising of MyUnisoft, a digital solution dedicated to the implementation of workflows, automated accounting systems and financial data interpretation.

Smart digital tools dedicated to tailored client services

Although technical investment has always been part of our company’s DNA, Houdart A&C has embarked on a profound transformation of its tools and processes.

Digital is not intended to replace the close relationship with our customers, it aims to help us devote more time to the analysis of the financial data rather than the generation of key data related to its activity.

These technological choices have been designed and implemented in order to support our clients in their own digital transformation, for their financial management as well as their process, while remaining faithful to the strategy which has always been that of Houdart A&C, strongly attached to quality of its relationship with its customers.

We have implemented smart digital solutions allowing us to move towards digitalized, real-time processed and collaborative accounting, enriched with cross-functional data. These technologies, combined with our human resources talents, allow us to meet our clients expectations in terms of understanding the financial data generated by their companies.

In accordance with the pioneering spirit of its shareholders since its founding, Houdart A&C has participated in April 2021 in the 4th capital raising of the software publisher MyUnisoft, alongside Drakarys investment fund. Houdart A&C was one of the first accounting companies to adopt the digital solution created by MyUnisoft for all its clients. Houdart actively participates in the development of the solution.

Likewise, the company maintains a technical watch to ensure that it has the most efficient digital tools in a highly evolving framework, which is facilitated by the agility that historically characterizes our company.

Features for smooth and simplified use

The fluidity of accounting data collection with :

  • API connections to the most popular financial management software,
  • Collaborative access and intuitive navigation to enable users to file accounting documents in the software,
  • Electronic invoice and Webscrapping of your main suppliers accounts,

Daily supervision of your financial data with :

  • A relevant Dashboard,
  • An App accessible from any Windows, Android or Apple device,

Easy communication with the partner and the employee assigned to your file with :

  • A Chatroom intended to limit email exchanges in a societal responsibility and increased collaborative efficiency approach.