Sector characteristics

Industrial players face a variety of challenges, including securing and renewing investments, robotisation, manufacturing process innovation, product innovation, and monitoring margins at completion for products and projects.

Financial reporting tools need to provide reliable data and detailed analyses in order to determine what exactly makes up the cost prices and carefully monitor margins per sector or project. Cross-sectional analyses are key and require analytical accounting processes.

Challenges regarding management accounting

Our team of chartered accountants set up efficient internal control systems and bespoke tools in order to produce reliable data and closely examine profit margins for individual projects and segments. In the event that manufacturing a product or completing a project lasts longer than two accounting periods, the monitoring of long-term contracts is vital.

If your company is a subsidiary of a foreign group or managed by a venture capital company, Houdart A&C ensures periodic reporting for your investors.

Challenges regarding taxation

When developing your business, you may have decided to open permanent establishments abroad. Houdart A&C examines applicable tax treaties to figure out where and how much you will have to pay in taxes on the flows you generate. Our firm also assists with intra-community business transactions: figuring out which VAT schemes apply or getting VAT refunds for expenses in other EU countries.

Tax credits may also apply for investments in robotisation, innovation, and research & development. Our team will help to determine your company’s eligibility and base for calculating tax credit amounts.

Social challenges

In terms of social issues, Houdart A&C has vast knowledge of most collective bargaining agreements that apply to industrial sector activities, thanks to the diversity of its client base and their wide-ranging activities.


Houdart A&C provides chartered accountancy and audit services to numerous and diverse industrial clients who design or manufacture industrial burners, manufacture gaskets, operate quarries, work in plastics, and more.

Our team of chartered accountants offers personalised services that go beyond standard accounting and accounting audit tasks. We anticipate your needs, keep you updated on social and taxation regulations, and recommend and implement effective solutions.

As statutory auditors, we abide by high professional standards and establish client relationships based on trust and on the firm’s partners’ personal involvement.