Sector characteristics

Houdart A&C is well attuned to the requirements of the business models of software publishers, e-commerce businesses, innovative companies that provide online solutions for individuals or companies, and pure players for whom digitalisation is key to their development. Our firm’s expert team members will provide flexible, responsive and technically efficient services.

Certain e-business-related activities, such as public platform services, office space rental, and professional congress organisers, are subject to complex taxation schemes, and, more specifically, territorial VAT rules when selling products or providing services. Where VAT is collected is determined by the nature of the transaction, who the buyer is and the country they are in, and, in some cases, revenue per country.

Does your company design innovative products or services? Do you want to set up your business abroad? Do you think you may be eligible for the French Young Startup (jeune entreprise innovante, JEI) status and certain tax incentives such as the French Research Tax Credit (crédit d’impôt recherche, CIR) and the French Innovation Tax Credit (crédit d’impôt innovation, CII)?

Whether your company is a long-established company or a start-up, you need an accountancy firm that will objectively take stock of and understand your individual business model, analyse how your company generates its financial flows, and recommend effective accounting schemes in accordance with sector requirements, especially when transaction volumes become more significant.

Your business software must communicate directly with accounting to ensure the data processed in your accounts reliable and exhaustive.

Our expertise at the service of your challenges

We have a digital accounting processing software, collaborative and connected with APIs to your main suppliers accounts and management software programs

As a result of our extensive knowledge of accounting and taxation options for digital and e-business companies, Houdart A&C is able to optimise accounting processes and revenue-based taxation obligations (including R&D and website design expenses, bond issue costs, and tax credits) and provide assistance and support throughout every development phase of your business.

We will help you to set up effective internal control systems that produce reliable financial data, to create dashboards, and to establish budgets, forecasts and periodic reports both for your business management requirements and your investors.

We can offer you a full-service contract thanks to the fact that our chartered accountancy firm has such a vast range of skills in accounting, social issues, taxation and law. In addition, we provide statutory auditing services for legal audits or due diligence scenarios.