Clients seek out tailored accountancy services that provide added value and that take into account their company’s size and specific business needs.

Fostering close, personal relationships with accountancy firm members is a means to continually profit from advice on financial management, taxation, social matters, legal matters and information systems. We can also provide additional, complementary assistance on financial reporting, or any other financial services that relate to our multi-disciplinary skills.

As chartered accountants, our standard management and administrative accounting services can be broken down into two main types of assignments, which can be further tailored to your business needs.


we take care of all your accounting data entry and file company tax returns. We can work together with you in the following ways:

  • Regularly receive your company’s financial documents by mail or by other digital means, and subsequently enter the information into our software;
  • Obtain digital financial information that you upload to our online portal, and subsequently enter it in our software;
  • Assign a firm member to work at your company’s location and enter your financial information in our software.

We can use and adjust data extractions from different clients’ accounting software, or directly receive EBICS-format banking flows by virtue of established bank agreements, contingent on receiving a signed mandate from the client.

The purpose of such procedures is to optimise accountancy service costs and increase the efficiency and frequency of accounting data treatment.

Accounting audit

your company’s accounting department monitors and documents day-to-day financial transactions. We subsequently perform periodic reviews, establish annual accounts and file tax returns.

Although our audit accounting services are periodic, our dedicated teams remain available at all times should you require our assistance with anything.

We also provide access to a collaborative webservice where you can enter your day-to-day financial operations on an online portal which is directly linked to our servers.

Although we distinguish two categories in our management and administrative accounting offer, we nevertheless provide a wide range of expert services for any other need you may have :

Social and human resources

preparation of payrolls, work contracts, social audits, URSSAF audit assistance, and compliance with employee insurance schemes. We ensure peace of mind and security in your social environment in a context of constantly evolving legislation and case law.

Corporate taxation

we offer a vast range of services that are grounded in our partners’ technical expertise in complex VAT applications and corporate tax regimes, including periodic tax returns, one-off technical consultations, audits of annual tax cycles, and tax audit assistance.

Corporate housekeeping

production of annual legal documents, changes in legal form, mergers and capital contributions are just a few examples of the legal services we perform for our clients.

Asset management

schemes, or property investment strategies we help to implement strategies in accordance with business owner objectives, whether pertaining to tax optimisation, insurance, company share transfer.

Tax returns for company directors

we file individual income tax and property wealth tax returns for directors.

Financial reporting

we can help companies like subsidiaries of French and foreign groups, start-ups that have successfully raised funds, and LBO targets to set up effective regular reporting.

Business forecasts

we review or draft tailored business plans and provide help with business start-up, investment financing, liquidity requirements and fundraising.

Business valuation

we use specific financial models to value SMEs or intangible assets with regard to acquisition or divestiture of shares, reconciliation and investment decisions.

Ad hoc assistance

we provide temporary assistance in the event of insufficient resources, or for intricate operations which require financial, accountancy and taxation advice, in order to ensure timely treatment of financial transactions.