Houdart A&C’s main business sectors

Expertise across many sectors…

As portrayed in our non-exhaustive list, our firm offers expertise across a wide range of business sectors. Combined with our vast array of audit, chartered accountancy and advisory services, our firm aims to deliver bespoke client solutions.

… but with employees specialised in different sectors

Although they do not specialise in specific business sectors, our employees do specialise in larger-ranging industries. They are not confined to specific accountancy tasks or skills. Our employees possess comprehensive knowledge of the industry-specific issues you may have as regards accounting, taxation and social management.

As a result of their expertise in taxation and collective bargaining agreement provisions for specific industries, our clients benefit from a key contact who will manage, analyse and offer advice on all aspects of their business.

We provide key added value to our clients with our firm’s cross-disciplinary approach and our partners’ steadfast involvement.

Houdart Audit & Conseil is located at the Place de la Nation, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. We provide services to clients all over France.