Driven by the complementary technical expertise of its partners, and committed to fostering close and lasting relationships with its clients, Houdart Audit & Conseil offers a vast array of chartered accountancy services for all types of companies, large and small, in varying business sectors. We tailor our services, our approach, our structural methods and consultant profiles to best match our clients’ needs, expectations and organisational requirements.

Corporate taxation

We file all required, regular or ad hoc tax returns (such as VAT, annual income tax, regional economic contributions [contribution économique territoriale, CET], Intrastat declarations for trade in goods [déclaration d’échange de biens, DEB] and services [déclaration européenne de services, DES]), and provide advice on VAT, and corporate and income tax in the event of complex transactions or group structures. In addition, we provide tax audit assistance and corporate taxation advice.

Management and administrative accounting

We aim to enter into a full-service or accounting audit contract that is optimally suited to your company’s organisation and needs. Our goal is to produce the company’s annual financial statements (balance sheet and notes) and to file tax returns. The firm’s chartered accountants handle all regular or ad hoc corporate tax returns (such as VAT, regional economic contributions [contribution économique territoriale, CET], annual single tax return form [imprimé fiscal unique, IFU]), as well as produce regular or ad hoc, mid or end-year, financial reports.

Legal advice

In addition to providing legal intelligence services for our regular accounting clients, we can draft legal documents regarding extraordinary corporate restructuring decisions, company mergers, capital increases and reductions, and/or changes in legal form.

Social and human resources

We can set up a tailored procedure for sending payroll variables and other elements which allow us to produce payslips and electronic reports required of employers (déclaration sociale nominative, DSN). We ensure compliance with legislative and contractual provisions, and any additional company agreements with regard to your business activity and circumstances. Moreover, we strive to keep you updated on laws and regulations that apply to your business.