Chartered accountancy

  • Management and administrative accounting
    • Full-service
    • Accounting audit
  • Social and human resources
    • Flexible and responsive service for everyday social management
    • Service tailored to your specific organisation and business activity
    • Unwavering availability no matter the size of your business
  • Legal advice
    • Company incorporation
    • General corporate housekeeping
    • Extraordinary legal documents
    • Legal support for company transfer and restructuring
  • Corporate taxation
    • Judicious taxation advice as part of our full-service contract
    • Technical expertise for ad hoc issues

Legal and contractual audits

  • Certification audits of annual statutory and consolidated accounts
  • Additional services
  • Contribution auditing
  • Merger auditing
  • Conversion auditing
  • Contractual audits

Business start-up and takeover

  • Evaluating your business idea
  • Drafting financial forecasts
  • Support for fundraising
  • Deciding on a legal form
  • Establishing a legal and financial framework
  • Incorporation formalities
  • Management tools

Due diligence

  • Acquisition audits
  • Pre-sales audits

Business valuation

  • Preliminary review
  • Valuation methods
  • Drafting a business plan
  • Valuation of a business or the asset under consideration

Asset management

  • Optimising your French social security scheme and compensation
  • Supporting a company’s sale or transfer
  • Leveraging a director’s personal tax situation
  • Insurance
  • Our corporate real estate investment strategy

La diversité des services proposés s’appuie sur les compétences techniques des collaborateurs et des associés.