The profession

Landscaping companies design, renovate and manage green spaces for private individuals and companies, and public entities. Social security schemes differ according to the main business activities.

Designers and urban architecture consultants, park and garden designers, landscape architects, and other persons providing services not related to crop production are self-employed professionals.

Companies that maintain green spaces (weeding, watering, trimming hedges) and/or carry out minor landscaping projects, and which employ more than ten people, are listed and come under the jurisdiction of the Trade and Companies Register.

Companies that do landscaping, masonry and levelling work (retaining walls, land grading, watering systems), and employ fewer than ten people, are considered as artisans and come under the jurisdiction of the Chamber of Trades and Artisanship (Chambre des métiers et de l’artisanat).

Finally, companies that mainly grow crops and plants come under the jurisdiction of the Chamber of Agriculture (Chambre d’agriculture).

Our expertise at the service of your challenges

When hired for our chartered accountancy services, Houdart A&C offers assistance to efficiently manage personnel, and calculate social security contributions to be paid to the Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA), an umbrella organisation that provides a variety of social services to farmers. We anticipate your needs, keep you informed on social and taxation regulations, and recommend and implement effective solutions.

As statutory auditors, we abide by high professional standards and establish client relationships based on trust and on the firm’s partners’ personal involvement.