Self-employed professionals

Houdart A&C delivers chartered accountancy services that specifically meet the requirements of self-employed professionals, such as doctors, nurses and lawyers, and their methods of doing business.

Our firm members possess diverse skillsets and will provide you with services that go far beyond your standard accounting needs and assistance with tax returns. We also help with insurance, retirement plans, asset management, and even with your day-to-day operations.

We cater to a wide range of self-employed professionals. Our accountants are always on hand to provide you with tailored support for managing your self-employed accounts.

Having concluded agreements with most banks, we are able to set up automatic delivery of your bank statements and reports from your bank via online EBICS format.

Our added value

We are determined to add value to your business, anticipate your needs and provide prompt and reliable services.

Our services include establishing yearly projected payment schedules for social security contributions, so you can anticipate and accurately monitor your cash flow.

We assist you in setting up Madelin contracts, to ensure that the insurance or retirement contracts put in place perfectly meet your needs.