Your business activity is significantly affected by fluctuating economic growth, governmental incentives and/or regulations.

As a professional in the construction sector, whether you run a small or large company, managing your business, monitoring calls for tenders, overseeing construction projects and fostering customer relations are all part of your daily job.

You also assume liability as an employer and have to mitigate the risks inherent to your line of work.

Your accountancy concerns often pertain to long-term employment contracts and the need for thorough analytical accounting.

In addition, your business sector is regulated by numerous and complex taxation schemes, pertaining in particular to VAT.

Our broad knowledge of your field ensures quality advisory services: we anticipate your needs, and provide prompt and reliable information pertaining to changes in social and taxation regulations in order to implement effective solutions.

We can also be named as statutory auditors for large construction companies.

Our team members will thoroughly work on your analytical accounting in order to ensure consistency in profit margins per project.