Houdart A&C’s years of experience working with architecture firms of all sizes ensures service that is tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

The financial complexities of your profession go beyond different income taxation schemes, which are based on your method of doing business and legal form (tax on non-commercial profits bénéfices non commerciales, BNC or corporate tax impôt sur les sociétés, IS). It also involves a variety of VAT rates. Different types of services are subject to different VAT rates: the reduced rate for energy retrofitting; the intermediary rate for improvement works, transformation works, fitting out and maintenance for individual housing; and the full rate for other services.

Architecture services are services connected with immovable property. Therefore, it should be noted that the territorial VAT rules will depend on where the immovable property is located for any services carried out in an EU country outside of France, irrespective of the status of the customer. This means that VAT will need to be collected and paid in the other EU country.

In addition, when employing service providers for such projects, architecture firms may have the right to deduct VAT in the other EU country.

Our extensive experience regarding VAT rules in different EU countries means we can provide invaluable assistance in such matters.

We have a keen understanding of the collective bargaining agreement that applies to the architecture industry.

The Houdart A&C team already helps many clients in this business sector to address their everyday issues.